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KS Consulting for operational businesses

With over 15 years of experience in operational leadership, I have learned to understand the needs of organizations with finesse and insight. My journey from management to board level has given me a deep understanding of the complexity of business challenges.

My approach revolves around tailor-made solutions that fit seamlessly with the goals of a company.

I strongly believe in the power of listening, understanding and then taking action. My focus is on finding simple, yet powerful ways to support companies in realizing their vision.

Let's discover together how I can help you take your organization to new heights.

Over the years I have built up a versatile spectrum of expertise, including:

Human Resources:

  • In-depth experience in developing and implementing HR strategies that promote talent recruitment, retention and development.

  • Skilled in building strong teams and creating an inclusive and supportive work culture.


Operational leadership:

  • Proven track record of leading operational teams to achieve set goals and exceed expectations.

  • Skill in identifying operational efficiencies and implementing process improvements to optimize overall business performance.


Financial insights:

  • In-depth understanding of financial reporting and analysis, with the ability to interpret financial data and support strategic decisions.

  • Experience managing budgets, identifying cost savings and maximizing the organization's financial health.


Structural solutions:

  • Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to analyze complex problems and develop structural solutions.

  • Expertise in designing and implementing operational structures that enable the organization to remain flexible and responsive in a rapidly changing environment.


Unleash the power of holistic solutions to take your organization to new heights. With my expertise in building strong teams, cultivating collaboration and delivering customized solutions, I am ready to tackle your challenges.

Let's explore how my approach can strengthen your organization.

Together we can create solutions that realize your goals and enable growth.

Contact me today for an exploratory conversation.

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