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Copyright and content


Texts, layout, images, scripts and other items on this site are protected by copyright. Copies, adaptations, translations, edits, changes of all or part of this site, in any form or by any means, are strictly prohibited, unless prior written permission has been granted by KS Consulting. Any infringement may result in civil or criminal prosecution.


KS Consulting cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the website or the information made available on or via the website. This also applies without limitation to all losses, work interruptions, damage to your equipment, programs or other data on your computer system.


External information


This website contains links to websites or web pages of third parties. We have no control over the content or other features of these sites and are in no way liable or responsible for their content.


Personal data


When you contact KS Consulting, we ask you to fill in a few details. KS Consulting will never disclose this information to anyone, unless we are required by a government agency, police,... in the context of an infringement. The information can be used to inform you about our products and services.


Purpose of processing personal data


If you provide us with your personal data, they will be included in our files and processed:

·         for the management of our membership base, the sites and the services offered.


·         for conducting market studies and surveys.


·         to inform you about updates and products from KS Consulting.



We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website and to remember your settings and preferences. You can disable these cookies via your browser, but this may negatively affect the functioning of our website.


With the help of a permanent cookie we can recognize you when you visit our website again. The website can therefore be set up specifically to your preferences. Even if you have given permission to place cookies, we can remember this by means of a cookie. This means you do not have to keep repeating your preferences, which saves you time and allows you to use our website more pleasantly. You can delete permanent cookies via the settings of your browser.


With the help of a session cookie we can see which parts of the website you have viewed during this visit. We can therefore adapt our service as much as possible to the surfing behavior of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.


With your permission, our advertisers place "tracking cookies" on your computer. They use these cookies to keep track of which pages you visit, in order to build a profile of your online behavior. This profile is partly built up on the basis of comparable information that they receive from your visit to other websites on which they advertise. This profile is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address and the like as known to us, but only to tailor advertisements to your profile so that they are as relevant to you as possible.


More information about enabling, disabling and deleting cookies can be found using the Help function of your browser.


Notification of Breach of Privacy


If you believe that KS Consulting is unlawfully infringing your Privacy, you are requested to immediately inform KS Consulting by electronic mail at the following address: We will use all our options to detect the problem and take the necessary measures.




This online agreement and all disputes and claims arising from the use of this site or any information contained therein are subject to Belgian law. Consulting this website means that you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Mechelen, Belgium, and that you can only bring proceedings before those courts.

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