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Career guidance

Every career is unique, and finding the right direction can be a challenging quest that takes up much of our lives.


Work takes up an average of 62% of our weekly time (considering an average of 8 hours of sleep and not counting weekends), making it an essential aspect of our daily lives.

This search for a fulfilling career is personal and requires self-reflection, exploration, and sometimes adjustment as our goals, interests, and life circumstances evolve.


It's a process in which we discover and pursue our unique skills, passions, and priorities, and it can sometimes be difficult to determine what we really want to do at any given point in our lives.

Embracing this journey of professional growth and personal fulfillment is essential to finding fulfillment in our work and our lives.


And it is precisely here that KS Consulting would like to help and guide you!


I would like to schedule an initial exploratory meeting with you via the link below and we will see how we can get started together.

Loopbaancheque KS Consulting
Loopbaancoach KS Consulting

Benefits at a glance!

Personal assistance

  • This is your journey and this is how we build it together

  • You can count on our professional secrecy and therefore speak freely for an optimal outcome

Free introduction

  • I like to make time personally to get to know you and identify your needs

  • This conversation will take approximately 30 minutes


  • You don't have to move, you can do it entirely in your familiar environment

  • All sessions are done online and I adapt to your availability where possible

That push in the back

  • There are many challenges and we fully understand that.

  • We will help you on your way and support you where you deem it necessary, you are in control!


  • Career guidance is subsidized by the Flemish government.

  • You can find the detailed conditions via "Conditions"

  • In a nutshell:

    • You must live in Flanders or Brussels (and are fluent in Dutch)

    • You are currently working as an employee or self-employed person

    • You have at least 7 years of work experience

    • You can use the career checks every 6 years

  • You are entitled to a total of 7 hours of personal guidance (to be included in 2 cheques)

Recognized organism

  • KS Consulting is affiliated with the mandated career center Coachinglife.

  • I have years of experience in recruitment and operational leadership, which means that I can empathize with your reality.

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